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11 Mei 2016
Ada pula joglo dan juga pendopo yang sudah jadi dan berdiri tegak minta untuk dilukis ulang. Proses lukis ulang ini biasanya dilakukan oleh seniman-seniman yang terampil dan juga telah mahir membuat prodo untuk joglo dan juga pendopo.

12 April 2016
jika Anda salah satu orang yang sudah kenal dan memakai ukiran kayu ini, pastikan Anda sudah tahu cara merawatnya.

How To Order

please email us for detail

send your requairment about your project / item which one do you need pricelist or katalog



15 Mei 2016
lama namun memuaskan , hasilnya sangat memberikan nuansa romantis dan atmosphere yang sangat kami sekeluarga idamkan.Villa selanjutkan pasti akan order ke menara kayu lagi

15 Mei 2016
Enyenk seorang yang perfectionist saya sangat percaya dan menyerahkan desain villa dan pembuatan joglo kami ke menarakayu ini.

Mariana Dewi Fraud
06 November 2014
perfectionist , so rustic , very memorable villa in the end .

lovely so much

hj.umar said
22 Juli 2014
terimakasih sangat untuk rumah kunonya.kami sangat sangat suka dan puas.

mc miguell
09 Juni 2014
happy work together with you ,
i hope we can work together in next project

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Our workshop

We believe that a life dedicated to perfecting one’s craft nourishes the human spirit and yields deep personal satisfaction.

We challenge ourselves to develop hand skills, knowledge of materials, technical expertise, and intellect through making objects with the highest functional integrity and beauty.


We share a commitment to high-quality workmanship, attention to detail, self-expression, and the pursuit of excellence

workshop2      workshop 2






 This is a very simple and original teak wood joglo house and is in structurally sound condition. There is quite a lot of paint that has been layered onto the wood over the years so restoration of the bali wood is quite time consuming. This is a great, simple joglo house that can be used as a basis for customizing and modernizing for any home, hotel, restaurant or villa project.




This house is in good condition structurally but does need quite a lot of replacement refurbished teak wood to make good the wear and tear over the years. It is an excellent project starter and does need quite intensive restoration to remove the paint. It is an excellent starting point for a villa project and would make a fantastic bedroom suites area or even a lounge kitchen area in a bigger complex.






Our Location
Menara Kayu  


Menara Kayu  

Kalitirto Berbah yogyakarta 



Service Overview

Menara kayu is an established creative design company specializing in custom design and manufacturing of specialized furniture, wooden houses, restaurant and interior design.

We work extensively with recycled Indonesian hardwoods and use them for the fabrication of wooden houses, wooden furniture, interior design and extensive restaurant design.

we specialize with working with antique teak and other Indonesian hardwoods to produce high quality teak furniture and original bali joglo house for out customers.

We create projects from original ideas and work with our customers to achieve their modern or traditional style wooden joglo house and villa dreams.

Many of our projects start with an original joglo house which we restore to optimum condition and customise adding doors and windows and add-on wooden house sections to make a fusion of traditional and modern living with all of the modern utilities and amenities.




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